Aisle, or window seat? With low cost airlines and online check in, you don’t often get asked that question anymore but given the choice, which do you chose? For me, there is no choice, it has to be a window seat every time. Let’s be clear, you would only chose one or the other, who chooses to sit in the middle when they’re on there own – it’s the seat of last resort, that you get given when you’re late checking in and spend the flight cursing inwardly.

Dubai after take off

I love flying and have done for as long as I can remember. Some people wonder why anyone loves to fly, when you’ve got all the airport hassle that goes along with it – delays, lost luggage and missed connections but I love watching the world go by while I’m in the air, especially when you can see the ground below you. Even if all you can see are clouds, they often form interesting shapes and change with the time of the day. For me, flying has a magical quality to it, it transports you to other places and gives some relief from modern stresses and being always contactable. Although with the increasing availability of inflight mobile service and wifi, it won’t be long before people expect to contact you while you’re in the air.

Boyne Valley, Ireland from the air

I enjoy watching the landscape change as the flight progresses and look down at the towns and cities, wondering how loves their, what it would be like and what the people are doing. Being in the air gives you a different perspective on the ground below, you can take in entire mountain ranges, or lakes and see detail differently to how you could on the ground.

Coastline from the air

It can be difficult to take photographs from an aeroplane, as quite often the windows can be dirty, or scratched and you can get a lot of reflections in the window. Quite often the light can be very dynamic, with bright whites and dark shadows. If I’m using my smartphone to take pictures, I try and hold it back from the window to avoid the reflections of my hand. Even if you get some of the window frame in the picture, it can be cropped out after. Sometimes I use the window to frame the picture.

Admittedly, there are times when it can be less enjoyable, I’ll be honest, when you’re trying to rest and there are children shouting or crying, it’s not the most ideal place to be. There are times when the food leaves a lot to be desired and the seats are cramped but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.