The Marina Bay area in Singapore is a top destination for tourists and photographers alike. There are numerous interesting and varied things to see and do around the bay.

The Marina Bay, like a lot of areas in Singapore sits on reclaimed land. The reclamation process started in 1969 and was completed in 1992, adding an extra 360 hectares of prime water front real estate.

The area is home to the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel complex, with it’s Skypark which connects the three towers of the hotel. You’ll also find the ArtScience museum and the Helix bridge among numerous other attractions; the Singapore Flyer is close by too.

It’s possible to walk around the entire bay area and take in to different views and areas, from the tall buildings of the Downtown area on Marina Boulevard to the views cross the bay to the Sands hotel from the Jubilee bridge. You should find pretty much something for everyone in the area. there are a wide range of restaurants with varied styles of cuisine, museums and shopping malls. If you’re on a budget, you’ll find there are cheaper places to eat and I would recommend going to Lau Pa Sat located on Raffles Quay for some good, reasonably priced local food.

Like most cities, Singapore comes alive after sunset, when it’s starting to get dark and the lights come on. There are frequent light shows from the Sands Hotel which can be viewed from most areas of the bay. I didn’t experience any problems with using a tripod – unlike some cities, with the exception of the Skypark at the Sands, where signs clearly say that tripods are not to be used in the public area of the Skypark. I was short on time and didn’t want to take a chance but there is an alternate way of getting up to the Skypark area and that is to go for a drink or food in the Ce La Vie restaurant and bar but beware, there is a strict dress code and you will be turned away if you don’t adhere to it!

I had a great time exploring the Bay and liked the Helix bridge and the lotus flower shape of the ArtScience museum. There are certain times of the year where there is a lot of smog in Singapore from the fires in Indonesia and it’s tempting to think that it’ll ruin your photography but certainly in the evening and night, with careful processing and use of the dehire slider in Lightroom, it’s possible to get some great results.