The Rode VideoMicro is a compact self powered shotgun mic that’s great for casual use or travelling.

I only take video with my DSLR from time to time but have never been happy with the built in microphone. It works  but the quality isn’t great and you get lots of wind noise. I had wanted an external mic for a long time but either didn’t want to pay the money for something that would be used a handful of times a year, or found the available mics too big to carry in my camera bag just in case I might want to use it.

Enter the Rode VideoMicro. I came across this while looking for external microphones for the DJI Osmo and after a quick look at the specs, ordered one straight away. The VideoMicro is a mini shotgun style microphone with a cardioid condenser capsule. It picks up sound to the front and sides of the mic and rejects sound from behind. A Rycote Lyre shock mount with cold shoe mount, dead cat wind noise suppressor and 3.5mm patch cable are all included. the microphone body itself is metal and feels robust. It’s powered from the camera it’s connected to, rather than an internal battery as is normal with most other mics. This and the small size were the selling points for me. It allows me to keep the mic in my camera bag all the time, without taking up too much space and never having to worry about the state of charge of the battery.

Rode VideoMicro
size compared to an AA battery

Rode VideoMicro

In use, you will almost always want to have the wind shield fitted, which does increase the size quite a lot. You could probably make a smaller version but the size doesn’t bother me enough to try. The included shock mount does a reasonable job of isolating the microphone from knocks and vibrations. the included cable is long enough to connect to your camera’s mic in jack, when mounted on the hot shoe. If you need a longer cable, or want to mount the mic on a pole, there is an optional extension cable available.


  • Small size
  • Included dead cat windshield
  • No battery required


  • Size with the windshield
  • Cable length may be too small for some

The VideoMicro should be more than capable for all but the most demanding casual user and the advantages far outlay any disadvantages for me.