This is a pretty impressive bridge but as it’s in Dubai that might not be so surprising. The bridge is at the Meydan race course in Dubai. During the day, it looks very uninteresting and bland but at as you can see, it really comes alive at night.

Bridge of Kings - Dubai

I had seen pictures of this before and wanted to go and visit. I got a taxi from my hotel and drove out to the area easily enough but here was no easy way to drive up to the bridge. It was getting darker and I didn’t want it go get completely dark before I got up there. I got out of the taxi, made my way over some waste ground and along the side of the highway, where a slip road led up to the bridge. I just had enough time to set up and get a few pictures before it was totally dark!

The bridge isn’t used everyday and is reserved only for the Sheikh to use to get into the race course! One advantage to that is there’s no traffic on the bridge while your taking pictures – well at least there isn’t supposed to be, while I was there, a couple of people took the wrong exit from the highway, drove across, turned and went back again.

When I photographed the bridge, some of the lights weren’t working which ruined the look of the picture but that’s an easy fix in Photoshop, especially as the image is symmetrical.

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If you want to visit this place to take your own pictures, or have a look this is the location