Dubai has some amazing buildings, especially around the finance district and Downtown Dubai but they’re not the only ones that have an interesting design.

These two buildings are in the Media City area of Dubai, along side Sheikh Zayed Road. They’re part of a complex called Business Central Towers. the design is reminiscent of the Chrysler Building in New York but with a skeleton structure at the top.

I’ve photographed these building several times but my favourite view of them is from a distance like this, where you get to see them one behind the other. This particular picture was taken from the balcony of a hotel is was staying at which is around 1.5 miles away. that distance requires a long focal length of around 400mm (full Frame) but also allows you to achieve the ‘compression’ of the buildings.

The post processing was completed in Lightroom and limited mainly to the standard adjustments. There were no third party plugins or filters used in this.

If you’re interested in finding these buildings yourself, the map below shows the location.

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