Burano, a small island close to Venice, famous for it’s brightly painted houses and lace making is a great day trip if you are visiting Venice.

You can get to Burano via a regular Vaporetto, an organised tour, or a private water taxi. The private taxi’s are expensive but are a good way to get there quickly and you also get some great views on the way.

The island dates back to Roman times and has a much more relaxed and laid back feel to it than Venice itself. You’ll find lots of tourists in the summer but nowhere near as many as you will get in say St. Marks square.

I enjoyed browsing the shops and exploring the small streets. You’ll find plenty of shops selling everything from clothing to lace souvenir’s. There are plenty of small side streets to explore, where you can see how the residents of Burano live. When I travel, I always like to explore these areas, away from the typical tourist traps and see how the local people live. Quite often you’ll find some of the best places to eat there too!

If I go back to Venice, I’ll probably spend 3 or 4 days staying on Burano, to really be able to explore the island properly and enjoy the peace and quiet.

There are lot’s of restaurants, serving typical Italian / Venetian food and as Burano is home to local fishermen, some great seafood as well. I ate in the Riva Rosa restaurant, which I would recommend. It’s easy to find and the food was great at a reasonable price.

If you you’re looking for bedlinen or table cloths, have a look in the Emilia Burano showroom.

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