Is the keyboard right for you and how good is it?

The smart Keyboard is for the iPad Pro only and looks like a regular Smart Cover but with the addition of a keyboard. It connects to your iPad in the same way as a regular Smart Cover and is self powered through the Smart Connector on the side of the iPad.

For me, The iPad Pro is the best iPad I’ve owned and this keyboard increases the usefulness of it.

I don’t use my iPad for writing documents but I do use it for emails and blog posts when I’m travelling. While you could use the onscreen keyboard, I’ve never found it that comfortable to the on. The smart Keyboard holds the iPad in place and let’s you type on a real keyboard. The typing experience isn’t bad – it could be better but, it could be a lot worse as well. The keys look like they’re made out a flexible plastic impregnated fabric, which gives them a textured surface. Key travel is short but feels ok for typing emails and short articles.

As well as holding the iPad in a position to type, you can fold the keyboard behind the iPad, out of the way, in a position similar to a standard Smart Cover.

The negatives are, the price – it’s not cheap but no apple products can be described as cheap. While it’s compact, when the keyboard isn’t being used, it definitely adds a bit of bulk and weight to the iPad. When in use, the keyboard doesn’t sit flush with the desk. the weight of the iPad seems to make it raise off the desk by a couple of millimetres which does get annoying at times.

For me, this is for occasional use. If I wanted to use the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, I would look at some of the other third party alternatives. since I purchased it, I haven’t taken the keyboard off my iPad and the original Smart Cover I bought is my sitting unused!