Sunset is by far my favourite time of day! While sunrise is right up there, for me, it just doesn’t quite feel the same as sunset.

Some clouds help to add to the drama of a sunset and take on the colours of the sun as it starts to go below the horizon. Have you stopped to watch a sunset and noticed how literally, minute by minute the colours change and intensify?

This particular picture is taken from Festival City in Dubai, looking back towards the Downtown Dubai area and the setting sun. Clouds can be a bit of a rarity in Dubai but on this evening there were some clouds and a bit of wind.

A 10 stop ND filter helped to capture the movement in the clouds and smooth out the water. The movement helps to add drama to the scene but at this time of the day, the 10 stop filter can be a bit extreme. This exposure was around three and a half minutes. You have to be careful with sensor noise with exposure times that long. It helps to turn on the long exposure noise reduction feature if your camera has it.