Situated between the Giants Causeway and Ballycastle, Ballintoy Harbour was relatively unknown but Game of Thrones changed all that!

It’s one of the many hidden gems along the coast, although it’s not so hidden now. If you watch Game of Thrones, you might recognise Ballintoy Harbour as Pyke, where Theon Greyjoy arrives back in the Iron Islands. The harbour is signposted off the B15 coast road (part of the Causeway Coastal Route) and is at the bottom of a narrow winding road.

Ballintoy Harbour

During the Summer and especially at weekends, it is difficult to park at the harbour. You can park at the top of the hill, near the church and walk down though. From the harbour you can walk along the coast via White Park Bay to Port Bradden, or if you’re feeling more energetic, there are walking routes that can take you even further, such as this one to Bushmills.

Ballintoy Harbour

I normally only walk as far as White Park Bay and explore the rocks around the harbour and the beach. My favourite time to visit is when it’s windy or stormy. You get great views of waves crashing on the rocks close to the harbour and with long exposures you can really catch the drama of the scene.

Ballintoy Harbour

There is a small café at the harbour with indoor and outdoor seating. Their deserts are great! You can also buy a bag of Dulse – a local delicacy of dried seaweed from the café.  You’ve probably never heard of Dulse but it’s a seaweed harvested along the coast and eaten after being dried. An alternative place to eat is the Red Door Tea Room at the top of the hill, near to the church.

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There is a small car park on the road towards Bushmills, where you can stop and admire the view over White Park Bay, or maybe take a photograph or two! See the map below for the exact location.



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