I loved Venice and really want to go back again soon. It’s such a photogenic city and is completely unique.

this was taken on my first evening in Venice but is my favourite from all of the pictures I took. while walking back from St. Marks Square to the wait on the most back to Giudecca, I stopped and quickly took this. this for me is a typical Venetian scene, with the Gondolas, looking out across the water and islands in the background. For one reason and another, I never got back to this area at this time but I was happy with how this turned out.

As you can imagine, you see Gondolas almost everywhere in Venice but along the waterfront they get tied up at night, allowing for some great compositions. I still find it surprising sometimes, how when you photograph late on after sunset, to the naked eye, the sky looks almost black but the camera still picks up the blue tones.

If you’re photographing at this time but want the sky lighter or darker than you managed to capture, you can usually make some dramatic adjustments to the colour in Adobe Lightroom by using the HSL panel in the develop module.

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