While I was in Hong Kong, I took every opportunity to travel on the Star Ferry. It may not be the quickest way across Victoria Harbour but for me it was unique, giving some of the best views.

The Star Ferry crosses back and forth from Kowloon and Hong Kong island every few minutes. I never had to wait long for the next ferry and the price is really reasonable.

The ferry service was founded in 1888 and changed to its current name in 1898 and has been popular ever since. The only time the service has been interrupted is during the second world war, while the Japanese occupied Hong Kong.

It takes around five minutes to cross the harbour and you get great views in either direction at all ties of the day or night. My favourite was travelling across to Hong Kong island after sunset, seeing all the tall buildings lit up. The ferry provides some interesting perspectives for photographing the harbour, other ferries and the coast in either direction.

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