Without doubt, the Burj Khalifa is an impressive building but you only truly appreciate it’s size and scale when you get up close to it!

The tower has been the worlds tallest building since it’s construction completed in 2009. the building is the centrepiece of the Downtown Dubai development and sits close by to the Dubai Mall and lake with its choreographed fountains. The building features in the new year celebrations each year with a spectacular fireworks show.

The best and clearest views of the tower are from the lake area outside of the Dubai Mall. The obvious place, where most people stand is just outside of the fountain entrance to the Mall but the crowds of people make it difficult to move. the quietest place is to walk around the far side of the lake.

Many locations in Dubai are private developments and this is one of them. This means that they don’t like anyone using a tripod to take pictures. It doesn’t mean you can’t but be prepared to be challenged if you use one!

The map below shows my preferred location for photographing and even just watching the fountains. It’s less crowded and easier to move around.

The LED display on the tower is spectacular given the size of the building and makes for a great picture. The following video shows a short clip of the light show taken from the same location as the picture here.



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