With so many tall buildings, you would think there would be lots of roof top bars or restaurants in Dubai but there aren’t that many, especially not with a great view!

Maybe it’s because the weather isn’t ideal for sitting out for most of the year, or that people would prefer to sit indoors in air-conditioning but I could only find a handful of places where you can enjoy a great view from the top of a tall building.

The one I went to that I would highly recommend is the Level 43 Sky Lounge in the 4 points Sheraton on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. I visited at sunset to take advantage of the great views and to take a few pictures.


The food is great, they serve alcohol and have a happy hour! I tried the Mojito’s which were really good and enjoyed watching the sunset and the view as the lights came on before dark.

They weren’t happy about me using a tripod as I didn’t have permission but I set up discretely and ignored them. It’s a great place to relax outside at the right time of the year.


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