When I visited Hong Kong for the first time, I spent ages looking at hotels and trying to decide where to stay. In the end the hotel worked out more than I had wanted to spend but the view of the harbour from the room was more than worth it!

I loved almost everything about Hong Kong apart from the humidity but I knew what it was going to be like at that time of year. The food was great, the place was amazing but most of all I loved watching the boats go up and down the harbour.

I found it fascinating to see how things changed, to watch the traffic build up, see the cruise ships come and go and watch the changing weather.


This particular picture is a long exposure view and has a bit of a tilt shift feel to it but there was no tilt shift effect used.

There’s a light show every evening that can be seen from the Kowloon side of the harbour as well. While I was there, I didn’t really come across a bad time of the day to photograph this view.


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