Lough Neagh is the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles and is a dominant feature in Northern Ireland. Legend has it that the lough was made during a fight between two giants.

The lough shore is a great place to walk along at a number of locations with plenty of wildlife.

Legend has it that the lough was created during a fight between two giants. Finn McCool, in a fight with a rival giant, scooped up a vast handful of earth, creating Lough Neagh. Finn then threw the handful of earth towards England, but it fell short into the Irish Sea and became the Isle of Man.



The image above was taken at the lough shore near the town of Antrim during the pre-dawn light of early winter. Around this time of year there is usually a period where the weather is calm in the morning and you get some mist around sunrise.

It was cold and still early in the morning but it’s such a peaceful time. As you can see, it was just starting to get light and the water was flat calm.


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