What is a Lume Cube and how good is it?

Lume Cube is a mini rechargeable LED light with a number of features. It’s waterproof down to 30M and is controllable by an app from your smart phone.

Being quite small the Lume Cube can be carried in your pocket, or won’t take up much space in your camera bag. It cane used as a flash light to see what you’re doing, as a video light, or used to illuminate aspects of your composition.



Build quality is good, the body is metal and it has a solid, quality feel in the hand. There is a 3/8″ thread on the bottom meaning that the light can be mounted on a tripod or gorilla pod, or with an adaptor, it can be mounted on a cold shoe. The two buttons on top control the light and output level. One turns the light on and with further presses, cycles through the brightness. The Lume Cube has a maximum brightness of 1500 Lumens which for its size is pretty impressive. The second button turns the light off if it’s on, or pulses the light, if it’s turned off. On the back is a screw port that can be undone with a coin and exposes the charging port, The Lume Cube is charged using a micro USB cable which is supplied with the light.

In addition to the main controls, there’s also an optical sensor on the front that can be used to trigger the Lume Cube from another light, or flash. As mentioned earlier, the Lume Cube can be controlled from an app, there are two versions for iOS, a free one and a pro app which you need to pay for. The pro app allows you to control up to 5 lights simultaneously, while the free app only allows for controlling a single light. Various parameters can be set with the app, such as brightness and duration. All lights can be turned on or off remotely, which is handy for preserving battery if you’re trying to set up a shot. Connectivity is by blue tooth so connection distance isn’t massive but is usable.



I bought a two pack of these lights and have played around with them a few times. I’ve used them for a couple of shots now and have been happy with them. They’re kept in my camera bag all the time as they’re so small. I have bought a set of cheap coloured flash gels to put over the light so that I can colour it or warm it up slightly. The light has a daylight balance to it, so indoors in tungsten light, or at night, it is quite blue.

The Lume Cube was used in the image below to light up the aeroplane which otherwise would have been in silhouette.

Given the versatility and the price, I would recommend these. I know I’ll use them frequently for all sorts of things!