How often do you pay attention while walking through airports? While travelling, I’ve been through numerous airports and some are definitely more interesting architecturally than others.

The airport in Dubai is truly impressive but I really liked this view more than any other, where you can see three levels of the airport all at the same time.

There were so many people coming and going and it seemed no one noticed the view from here but it was early in the morning and most people are focused on work, or where they’re going.

This was taken from the business class lounge, the first class lounge is the next floor below and then the ground floor with all of the shopping. In this part of the airport, once you’re in the lounge, you don’t need to leave to get to your gate, you go to your gate in the lounge and then take a lift down to the aeroplane.

This is the only airport I’ve been in where you can buy a 1kg gold bar while you’re waiting on your flight!


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