The Ttitanic is one of Belfasts’ biggest claims to fame, even though it sank on it’s maiden voyage!

Belfast has long celebrated the fact that it built the Titanic and it’s sister ship but never had a n exhibition to show case this history. The Titanic Belfast exhibition opened in early 2012 and showcases the construction of the ship, through to it’s sinking.

Although I live close to Belfast I had never been to the site of the exhibition until recently. I made plans to get to Belfast for sunset and through to dark but the good Irish weather put paid to any sunset worth talking about!

The site is located in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast and is close to the original slipway where the ships were built. At night, there are blue lines that light up, showing the outline of where the ships were during construction. The building makes for an interesting subject to photograph, with it’s many angles and regular shape.


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