Nikon D4


In the first post – eMOTION, I described the process behind images I’ve been creating, where I take a still image and then apply a blur to it. These are similar but start with an intentional movement to create a blurred image as a starting point.

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Burano Island - Venice

Burano, a small island close to Venice, famous for it’s brightly painted houses and lace making is a great day trip if you are visiting Venice.
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Tower Twins

Dubai has some amazing buildings, especially around the finance district and Downtown Dubai but they’re not the only ones that have an interesting design.

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Malin Head

Malin Head In County Donegal is the most northerly point in the island of Ireland and is on the route of the Wild Atlantic Way. This area of Donegal is pretty barren but the scenery is fantastic. If you’re in the area, you should go and visit. and take a walk along the coast.

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Bridge of Kings

This is a pretty impressive bridge but as it’s in Dubai that might not be so surprising. The bridge is at the Meydan race course in Dubai. During the day, it looks very uninteresting and bland but at as you can see, it really comes alive at night.

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Soweto - Johannesburg

Before visiting Soweto, I had some preconceived ideas about what to expect from watching the new over the years but what I saw was far from what I had expected.

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Perched high above the Rhine River sits Drachenfels  which, according to legend, was home to a fire-breathing dragon that terrorised residents in the surrounding villages.

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Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is an iconic landmark in Dubai and a must see, if you are visiting. Set on a man made island just off the Jumeirah beach, It’s one of my favourite buildings in Dubai. For me, the design is amazing. It’s only when you get close to the hotel that you appreciate the scale and size of it.

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Several months ago I was on a photo walk and took a picture of a scene from a beach looking out to sea, towards the horizon. The reason I took the picture was to try and capture the distinctive colours that I saw at the time – the colour of the sand, aqua of the sea and the darkening sky. They were such a contrast and very vivid at the time.Read more