Puerto Banus

This is a view of the well known Puerto Banus harbour. If you're travelling to this area, be sure to check it out, especially at night.

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Cliffs of Moher

I had wanted to visit the Cliffs of Moher for  long time and was glad I eventually made the effort to get there after seeing them.

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The Peak

The Peak is a must see destination for tourists in Hong Kong, with it's amazing views over Victoria Harbour.

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Sky Lounge

With so many tall buildings, you would think there would be lots of roof top bars or restaurants in Dubai but there aren't that many, especially not with a great view!Read more

Beautiful Venice

I loved Venice and really want to go back again soon. It's such a photogenic city and is completely unique.

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What On Earth?

If I didn't know what this was, or where it was taken, I'm not sure I would be able to guess what it was.

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Red Sky At Night

Sunset is by far my favourite time of day! While sunrise is right up there, for me, it just doesn't quite feel the same as sunset.

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Bridge of Kings

This is a pretty impressive bridge but as it's in Dubai that might not be so surprising. The bridge is at the Meydan race course in Dubai. During the day, it looks very uninteresting and bland but at as you can see, it really comes alive at night.

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Perched high above the Rhine River sits Drachenfels  which, according to legend, was home to a fire-breathing dragon that terrorised residents in the surrounding villages.

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